Andy Cohen, Composer

Playing the Lumiano

UPDATE! The next Lumiano concert at the MicroMuseum will be on Saturday October 21, 2006 starting around 7pm as part of a fundraising gala. I'll be there (playing a couple of original compositions)!

What is the Lumiano? A new art-instrument created by William and Kathleen Laziza at the MicroMuseum in Brooklyn, the Lumiano appeals to the inner Scriabins in all of us.

Think of it as an experiment in Synaesthesia. Or as a new representation of the Schoenbergian concept of Klangfarbenmelodie. Or as a whimsical electronic extension of a Cagean prepared-piano. Or as just a fun way to combine music and the visual arts. The Lumiano is a fully-functional 88-key piano with lights (and other goodies) built-in for an added visual dimension.

So, you're thinking, why is this on my website? Well, I'll be playing some of my compositions (as well as other work) on the Lumiano for a concert in January (details below).

But we (meaning I as well as the Lazizas and the staff at the MicroMuseum) are also looking for other people who might be interested in working with this wonderful instrument: Composers willing to write a (brief) score which features the unique elements of the Lumiano, and pianists willing to play either those scores or other appropriate music (your choice) of any style which would highlight the instrument¹s capabilities. Of course, composer-pianists (or improvisers) willing to play their own work are welcome too!

The next concert will be on January 7th, 2006 at the MicroMuseum. (There are actually two time slots- 2 and 4pm - so there should be plenty of opportunities for everyone interested!) Composers: send scores to me ASAP! You can send scores in either Sibelius or Finale format to me by email or by snail-mail to the address I list on the "contact me" portion of this website. Pianists: please contact the MicroMuseum at for more details if you are interested in performing at this or any future concert!

For Lumiano technical specifications, click here.

Thanks, and if you're coming to the concert, let me know, and I hope to see you there!


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