Andy Evan Cohen, Composer

Audio Samples

mp3s. Unless otherwise specified, that is me playing the instruments heard on the recording...

Glamour, for solo 'cello (performed by Vincent Moncada; from the stage production Glamour):
Opening Section (excerpt)
Fast Section (excerpt)

Mary, Mary, for chamber ensemble (performed by the New Directions Ensemble conducted by Howard Quilling):
Opening Section (excerpt)
Part 3 (rock section) (excerpt)

A couple of "classical" pieces of my theatrical music:
Fir's Dream from The Cherry Orchard
Elliot's Fugue (excerpt) from the 2008 Luna Stage production of Elliot, A Soldier's Fugue

Two excerpts from my work on Macbeth:
Macbeth's Theme
Coronation Music (excerpt)
And an excerpt of something similar (but not from the Scottish Play)

An excerpt from my dance score for Taro:
Green Eyes (excerpt) (violin: Elizabeth Bachner; cello: Peter Lorenzo Anderegg)

An excerpt from Kabbalah (musical-theater meets pop parody):
Madonna's Song

The "Sweet Song", from an electro-pop musical I did a few years ago with writer Elizabeth Levy about love and cockroaches.

"It Was All So Romantic", a lovely duet (lyrics by Chuck Brookes) from an (alas) unfinished musical. (singers: Bill & Juliette Quinlan)

Some samples of my original music for theater productions:
3 Excerpts of my music for Niya Tey Soung

(These pieces contain samples of Vietnamese bells, Burmese bells, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and a Vietnamese Dan Tranh [zither] )

Pigtails Music (from Sideways Stories)
Orchestra Music (from Sideways Stories) composed for flurb, snorple, mooglatch, krullwart, and plickerwacker.

Boston, 1980's (from What We Don't Confess)
Jane Ho's Theme from my recent production (Jane Ho ) at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row!

Some examples of my theater sound design work:
Opening Montage (from It's Not My Fault, It Was On Fire Before I Got There)
Opening Theme (from Beware The Man Eating Chicken!) (narrator: Mikaela Kafka)
Pre-Show Music (from Zoo) (excerpt)

An example of my work doing experimental electronic music:
rim at x (rat mix)
rim at x (quicktime movie)

And finally, an example that combines original music and sound effects:
Banker's Music with Typewriters (from Radio Radio)

Experimental videos: a selection of some of my weirder, performance-arty, electronic stuff.

Prelude #1 for Auto-Tuned Piano:

Prelude #2 for Auto-Tuned Piano:

3 Guitars, 2 Hands, 1 Player:

For additional (as well as longer) excerpts (including CD demos), please contact me.

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